Sharing the Icelandic legacy

    Icelandic culture has transformed greatly in the last century. In the beginning of this century more than half of Icelands population lived in turf houses and the favored transportation was a horse. There were hardly any foreigners in Iceland, with the exception of a handful of high rankin Danes (Iceland was a Danish colony).
    Although the general culture has evolved, the culture of hospitality has not changed. For centuries travelers have depended on the hospitality of others. Even though times were tough, people shared the little they got. Mercifully times have changed and today Iceland has a prospering economy and a lot to share.


Family run establishment

Hotel Akureyri is a family run establishment, devoted to hospitality since 1996.Constantly evolving with the expectations and demands of our guests, our goal is to make every guests stay as memorable as possible.

Our Hotels and Guesthouses

    Hotel Akureyri
    Located in Hafnarstræti 67, Akureyri. 19 beautifully renovated ensuite rooms,and a cocktail lounge 

    Located in Brekkugata 4, 600 Akureyri. 12 luxorious ensuite rooms in a house with an amazing history.

    Located in Hafnarstræti 108, 600 Akureyri. 12 rooms with shared facilities in the main walking street of Akureyri.

    Hotel Speiereck
    Located in St. Michael, Lungau, Austria. 20 ensuite rooms, Restaurant, Bar and spa. Situated only 2 minutes walking distance from 300 kilometers of skiing action.